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Pike code samples by rjb

Not much here yet -- hopefully it will grow with time.

These are just silly scripts which may or may not be useful as illustration of Pike coding, but not much use for anything else. If and when I start to believe this has changed, I'll be sure to mention it right here ;-)

Pike 7.2 is required to run these scripts. You are of course free to try to tweak them for older versions if you wish, it shouldn't be hard. Some may even work without any tweaking (not tested). Pike 7.3 should be OK too, but currently can be had only from RIS CVS.

Update: Pike 7.4 has now been released for a while, and there's a new official home for the Pike language. I will be updating this stuff for Pike 7.4 shortly. Currently all the scripts work with Pike 7.4 anyway, with barely a few compile warnings between all of them, but do not demonstrate the newer features.

All this stuff is in the public domain unless boldly stated otherwise in the individual descriptions. No warranty, etc.



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